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Maarten Verhoeven is a freelance digital sculptor with a love for the dark and weird, He specializes in work for 3D sculptures for Concept, Fine Art, films, commercials, prototypes, designer toys and collectibles. Having background in art, he handles different aspects of production, from original conceptsculpts, high res assets, engineering and 3D prints. Today he’s working from Belgium as a freelance ZBrush artist, contributing his talents worldwide to various companies, publications and projects.

  • Zbrush Summit 2015 - Los Angeles USA - Guest Speaker

  • Zbrush Summit 2015 - Los Angeles USA - Guest Instructor

  • Rapidpro 2016 - Eindhoven Netherlands - Guest Speaker

  • Dutch Design Week 2017 -Eindhoven Netherlands - Guest Speaker

  • IFCC festival 2017 - Zagreb Croatia - Guest Speaker

  • Playgrounds festival 2018 - Eindhoven Netherlands - Guest Speaker

  • IFCC festival 2019 - Split Croatia - Guest Speaker

  • Computex 2019 - Taipei Taiwan - Guest Speaker

  • ZMerge festival 2019 - Tokio Japan - Guest Speaker

  • Playgrounds festival 2019 - Eindhoven Netherlands - Guest Speaker

  • Playgrounds festival 2019 - Berlin Germany - Guest Speaker

  • DAC-ANT online edition 2021 - Antwerp Belgium - Guest Speaker

  • CGIF may edition 2022 - Antwerp Belgium - Guest Speaker

  • MAXON @ IBC 2022 - Amsterdam Netherlands - Guest Speaker

  • Reality Check Festival 2023 - Enschede Netherlands - Guest Speaker

  • Playgrounds festival 2023 - Eindhoven Netherlands - MSI/WACOM demo

  • Promised Land Festival 2023 - Łódź Poland -  Guest Speaker

"I have followed Maarten's work for years now. It never ceases to amaze me how stunning his work is. Each sculpture has its own sense of life. His work display a strong sense of gesture, weight, and most importantly character."

- Bryan Wynia
Senior Character Artist

"Maarten is a tremendous sculptor and one of the masters in the digital field. From sculpting from life or imagination he has a great ability to twist the realm of reality and still make it believable." 

- Joseph Drust
Artist/Creative Development Manager at Pixologic, INC.

"Maarten's signature style is distinctive and easily recognised from afar. His brilliant portrait busts, figurines and creatures designs have it all. It’s always a pleasant surprise to see what he’s been working on; from a disturbing monstrous creature to erotic pin-up art to legendary film characters, he emphasises the shapes and poses perfectly for the mood and in his own unique way."

- Rudy Massar

Senior Modeller ILM

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